....for the love of the breed

SICILIANO CANE CORSO ....for the love of the breed

Prenatal Care Photos and Prenatal Nutrition Plan

We spend countless hours and resources preparing for a litter of Siciliano Cane Corsos. From health testing of the Sire and Dam before the pairing is made, to procuring veterinary support for whelping the puppies, much is done. We make special diet plans for the dam and puppies developed from great research, we schedule ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy/monitor development, we schedule x-rays for approx. litter count, we set up top of the line whelping boxes, we organize all the medical supplies needed to be prepared for whelping, we build puppy play gyms, we get special toys and tools ready to stimulated puppies, and much much more. We also shower the dam with an over abundance of loving attention during the entire experience. The labor hours of love that our family contributes to a litter is incalculable.

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Cara’s X-Ray

xray of cara

Possibly 8 or more puppies are expected on February 14, 2017.

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