....for the love of the breed

SICILIANO CANE CORSO ....for the love of the breed

Amber di Siciliano

About Amber:

Amber is a future prospect for show and breeding. We are monitoring her development and we have hopes to breed her in the future. If she developed well and passes all Health, Temperament, and Conformity tests then we will breed her in early 2019.

  • Amber birth announcement Amber was Born on November 10th, 2016.
  •  Amber is an Import from Sicily.
  •  Her Father was the #4 ranked Champion in Italy.
  •  Amber has a very strong multi-champion ancestry.
  •  Amber is Triple Registered with AKC, ICCF, and ENCI.
  •  Amber is DNA registered.
  •  Amber’s genetic code is Ay-B-DdEm-Kkbr (Solid Black but a carrier of the brindle gene code).

Amber di Siciliano’s Photos:

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Amber di Siciliano’s Certifications: