....for the love of the breed

SICILIANO CANE CORSO ....for the love of the breed

Cane Corso Ear Crop & Tail docking policy

  • Ears will not be cropped on Siciliano Cane Corso unless buyer elects AND it is included in the purchase contract. If a good vet, familiar with Cane Corso crops, is not available in your area, we can take your puppy from our litter in to be cropped before they go home.
  • The vet we use is very good and does excellent work. All ear crops will keep in line with breed standards.  Dr. Singh has been performing ear crop surgeries for 30 years, and meets with each client before surgery to mark the ears with pre-surgical lines to make sure that the owner will be satisfied with the finished product.
  • All ear crop procedures are performed with our surgical laser. The laser provides the best and most pain free experience for the puppy. Cauterizing as it cuts, the laser seals blood vessels and nerve endings for less bleeding and pain through surgery. Our surgeries also include anesthesia and careful patient monitoring, IV catheter and fluids, an antibiotic injection and pain injection.  We also provide a K-laser, which promotes further healing and pain management after the procedure.
  • After every ear crop procedure, the dog is provided with antibiotic and pain medication, as well as a free recheck visit to remove sutures. With surgical laser surgery on a Cane Corso it is NOT necessary to tape the ears after the procedure for shaping purposes.
  • The fee for the ear cropping is passed on directly from the Veterinarian to you and NO mark up on our part is applied. If you’re interested in getting the ears cropped on your puppy let us know and we can provide to you the current fee for ear cropping.
  • If you are a new puppy buyer considering your options regarding ear cropping, we are happy to share information and our experience to help you make an informed decision.
  • The Cane Corso standard for tail docking calls for docking at the 4th vertebra. Tail docking and dew claw removal will be done by our vet to meet the breed standard for everyone of our puppies and is included in the price of your puppy.